How To Get Benefit From Your Portable Planer

One of the most versatile machines you could installed a store is the portable planer. I have had a 12″ Delta for approximately 15 years, and it has end up my first-rate friend. The money that I have stored in journeys to the mill alone, has been more than sufficient to shop for a 24″ stationary planer. But I actually have a small workshop, or even on an everlasting stand, this unit is light enough to keep out of the manner while now not in use.


There are, but, multiple drawbacks with the portables, but these are easy to conquer. One of the maximum not unusual defects is the propensity to create "snipe", which is the over-intensity cut at the beginning and the quiet of the cut.


The system consists of a revolving cutter head and a pressure curler on every aspect of the cutter head, and snipe is prompted whilst a longboard exerts an excessive amount of force against the stress curler that feeds the stock thru the device. Until the board contacts the strain curler at the outfeed facet, the board acts as a lever with the fulcrum being the edge of the infeed desk As a consequence inflicting the downward pressure of the outboard cease of the board to lift the preliminary pressure roller, sending the board into the cutter head at a perspective.


The only manner to overcome that is to boost the board as it enters the device and because it exists, due to the fact the identical situation arises on the outfeed aspect.


Portable planers have a constructed in safety mechanism that forestalls the cutter head from contacting the platen, or mattress, of the system. This limits the minimal thickness that the device can produce from about 1/8 " to 1/four ", relying at the manufacturer. In order to plane stock thinner than this pre-set, I use an auxiliary mattress to efficiently increase the platen of the device, which lets in me to plane to the thinnest measurement that the wood itself will allow.


I made my table from 3/4 Inch Machine, which is MDF with a plastic coating on each side, however, plywood and plastic laminate might work as well. Put a forestall on the bottom of the auxiliary bed to keep it from feeding via the planer with the stock.


Some woods, when deliberate too thinly, will flutter from the air motion because of the revolving cutter head that can allow the cutter head to actually eat the stock. The minimal thickness for a given species of timber can only be decided through trial and mistakes. If your system eats your stock, you've got long past to a ways


The auxiliary mattress will counteract snipe to a degree relative to the length of the bed, however, I nevertheless carry the cease of the board whilst getting into and exiting the gadget.


My particular machine will cut a most of 6″, so I have installed an aluminum angle fence, with a feather board to hold Stock Square on aspect in opposition to the fence, permitting me to use the planer as a jointer. When all of the boards I'm the usage of were run against this fence, I turn them over and joint the opposite edge. This not best squares up each edges, however, the forums all come to the same width.


As with all machinery, make certain to put on proper protection tools, which include protection glasses, ear safety, and gloves. Avoid free apparel that can turn out to be entangled in shifting parts. With a bit TLC and sound operation, your planer should closing for years.



I am a retired expert woodworker with over 50 years enjoy in actually all phases of the construction industry. I would like to skip on a number of the hints and tricks that I even have found out over time. I actually have written a few e-books on numerous subjects associated with woodworking and production, and am including greater all the time.


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